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Wenger Chair



description Handmade Totokaelo-exclusive dining chair. Single piece of leather wrapped around wooden frame with arched back and copper running down the spine. Interlacing twine at bottom

color Natural

dimensions L 19" x W 22" x H 43", 19 1/2" seat height

material Leather, fir, steel, copper, cord

origin US

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Comments and Questions

  • Maura E.

    On July 03 2012 Maura wrote

    Stunning. My favorite detail is the copper running down the spine.

  • Rachael V.

    On July 13 2012 Rachael wrote

    A photo can't possibly capture the beautiful details of this. The copper details, the hand-dyed cord - this is truly a special piece. It's also customizable! If you prefer chocolate leather with white cord - this can be done! This is something to have for a lifetime.

  • Christine T.

    On August 16 2012 Christine wrote

    I can't wait to see this piece as the leather ages. Beautiful, and also surprisingly strong (see steel frame).

  • Nina M.

    On August 30 2012 Nina wrote

    I love the statement of strength the back support/spine offeres, with such simple, clean lines! Beautiful.

  • Jenette D.

    On November 19 2012 Jenette wrote

    PERFECT from any angle!

  • Maura E.

    On February 08 2013 Maura wrote

    You will have this piece for your entire life. It is so captivating, sturdy, and truly a work of art!

  • Nina M.

    On February 08 2013 Nina wrote

    So many amazing details in this ONE chair! This is exactly the type of piece you'll want to pass down from generation, to generation.