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Two Tone Boat

Exclusive Original Art

description Handmade origami paper boat in yellow and white, casted with ceramic paste and placed in kiln, burning off the paper and leaving a thin layer of ceramic shell. Due to its nature, each piece varies in appearance.

color Yellow/White

dimensions Approximately L 3" x W 1 1/2" x H 1"

material Clay

origin Mexico

fulfillment Inventory represented available for purchase.

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Comments and Questions

  • Nina M.

    On August 24 2012 Nina wrote

    Had a client purchase this for their 1 year anniversary (Paper Gift- Origami Paper Boat). Clever and adorable!

  • Maura E.

    On October 18 2012 Maura wrote

    I want to start a tradition for someone close to me. One of these for every birthday!

  • Laura W.

    On February 13 2013 Laura wrote

    These are so sweet and dainty!

  • Dori C.

    On February 14 2013 Dori wrote

    We have a small fleet of these in store and each one is unique and magical!