Vanity Dumbbell


description Desktop sculpture of circular mirror with black handle atop two lucite cylinders.

color Neon/Clear

dimensions 6 1/2" D; 1 1/4" H

material Mirror, acrylic, plastic

origin US

fulfillment Inventory represented available for purchase.

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Comments and Questions

  • Rachael V.

    On July 13 2012 Rachael wrote

    Sculpture. Mirror. Sculpture? Mirror? It's whatever you want it to be!

  • Rachel L.

    On July 16 2012 Rachel wrote

    If you're going to have a desktop mirror, make it neon acrylic!

  • Joey M.

    On August 01 2012 Joey wrote

    I agree Rachael and Rachel! This mirror really plays with you perception of what a mirror can be.

  • Nina M.

    On September 22 2012 Nina wrote

    The A-typical handle to this mirror, alone, is mind blowing! Not to mention everything else (neon lucite, yes please). Rachael, it is hard to say, but my answer is... Art!

  • Nina M.

    On January 18 2013 Nina wrote

    Still mind-blown with this sculpture/mirror/art piece!

  • Maura E.

    On January 19 2013 Maura wrote

    My mind is blown as well. These are so fabulous! I love the idea of these on a coffee table. :)