2 Hump Basket


description Handmade cotton basket in red, beige and white thread. Its form is comprised of two vessels, one slightly smaller than the other, and joined into one piece. Material is flexible, but stiff enough to hold its shape. Due to its nature, each piece is unique.

color Red/Beige/White

dimensions Approximately H 10" x L 16" x W 8"

material 100% cotton

origin Handmade in US

fulfillment Inventory represented available for purchase. Three to four week lead time on special orders.

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Comments and Questions

  • Nina M.

    On August 02 2012 Nina wrote

    I had a client take one of these home as a birthday gift today... for himself! These handmade baskets are truly full of unique characteristics.

  • Whitney S.

    On December 03 2013 Whitney wrote

    Oh, hello perfect place for my socks and gloves to live. I have been searching for you everywhere!