Quartz No. 1 Terrarium


description Handmade quartz shaped terrarium of glass and lead free solder. Included kit containing rocks, sand, activated charcoal, instructions and a quartz crystal.

color Clear

dimensions W 7" x H 13"

material Glass, solder

origin Canada

fulfillment Inventory represented available for purchase. Four week lead time for special orders.

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Comments and Questions

  • Nina M.

    On August 30 2012 Nina wrote

    This is becoming an issue. I go back and forth, each day, in regards to which my favorite is. Today... it's this one! One thing is certain, I want all of these.

  • Tyler J.

    On September 07 2012 Tyler wrote

    I'm so excited about these terrariums. This is my favorite one as the shape seems the most interesting, unique, and organic. Fantastic piece of useable art.

  • Maura E.

    On September 11 2012 Maura wrote

    This shape is out of control cool!

  • Maura E.

    On November 07 2012 Maura wrote

    So easy to put your favorite plants in! Love that the lid comes right off.

  • Nina M.

    On February 03 2013 Nina wrote

    So many lines to this complex shape! Cannot believe these are all handmade terrariums.

  • Laura W.

    On February 06 2013 Laura wrote

    I love these terrariums. I'm using these as an excuse to turn my black thumb GREEN!

  • Samantha B.

    On April 19 2013 Samantha wrote

    I also love terrariums, it's such an amazing way to display your favorite plants. That removable lid is great!

  • Christina H.

    On September 07 2013 Christina wrote

    I love that the height of this allows for a taller plant. And so customizable — looks great planted or simply sitting as a sculpture.

  • Lara D.

    On November 17 2013 Lara wrote

    I agree with Christina - this is a sculpture all on it's own!