Large Painted Jingle Bell


description Handmade large stoneware jingle bell with abstract eye pattern. attached to knotted hemp rope.

color White/Black Eye

dimensions 16" circumference, 26" rope

material Stoneware and hemp rope

origin US

fulfillment Inventory represented available for purchase.

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Comments and Questions

  • Nina M.

    On September 13 2012 Nina wrote

    I love when artists use lines to create an overall image, this is no exception. Beautifully crafted stoneware bell, with a series of hand painted lines, creating an enrapturing eye.

  • Christine T.

    On September 22 2012 Christine wrote

    Really beautiful.

  • Maura E.

    On November 13 2012 Maura wrote

    I dream of having these hanging from my high ceilings. All hanging at different lengths!

  • Bryan C.

    On May 30 2013 Bryan wrote

    Constantly having a staring contest with this piece.. Jk. This is really beautiful I love everything about this Michele Quan piece from the lines and texture of the ball to the aged rugged look of the rope.