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Circle Mobile 1

description Wooden mobile with attached geometric shapes of various types of wood.

color Multi Wood

dimensions Approximately H 25" x L 24"

material Oak, pine, sapele, cherry, maple, wenge

origin US

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Comments and Questions

  • Maura E.

    On December 01 2012 Maura wrote

    I'll take seven, please!

  • Nina M.

    On December 01 2012 Nina wrote

    Love the shapes and tones of the woods used in this Mobile. Amazing!!

  • Laura W.

    On April 28 2013 Laura wrote

    The perfect Mobile for even the most discerning infant!

  • Nina M.

    On April 29 2013 Nina wrote

    Beautiful to watch with any passing breeze!

  • Robert W.

    On May 10 2013 Robert wrote

    It is quite incredible to see this in person. It balances perfectly and yet seems to defy logic. As if there is a magical hand keeping it level.

  • Bryan C.

    On July 01 2013 Bryan wrote

    Best baby shower gift idea! This would look amazing over a crib :)

  • C.M. R.

    On August 22 2013 C.M. wrote

    As an artist and designer I love seeing this hanging around; looking at it is really inspiring. This piece is what's great about good design- simple, balanced, and smart.